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Corporate Mobile Massage

We Come to Your Place of Work

employee getting a chair massage


            to be their best….


            a special event….


            in a unique way….

Let us help you thank your employees for a job well-done, make your office party, corporate event or golf day an event to remember? In just a few short minutes, chair massage can relieve stress and re-energise the body, mind and soul.


We bring chair massage to the workplace, as well as, to a wide range of corporate events.  We can provide a team of qualified, experienced professionals for all types of workers, any size of company and service all employees from factory floor staff to CEOs.

people dressed for different professions

How will massage benefit the employer

Mobile Massage is Suitable for All Events

Boost Productivity

corporate wellness in office - chair massage event

Attract Traffic

trade show - chair massage event

Keep Clients Loyal

golf tournament - chair massage event

Make it a Memorable Event

corporate BBQ - chair massage event

We bring you certified and competent practitioners and therapists who are skilled, knowledgeable, and committed to excellence in their chosen profession. Whether you're combating stress in the workplace, refreshing guests at a conference, or driving traffic to your trade show, golf tournament or fundraiser, on-site chair massage is cost effective and easy to implement. 

A chair massage session can range anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes, and we can set up virtually anywhere.  We do not use oils or lotions, so your employees, clients or VIP guests remain fully clothed, which means no need to change or shower after their massage.   CMPs are not covered by extended health plans, but their rates are lower than RMTs, making them an ideal choice for company, coordinator or individual paid events.


Traditional bed massage is also available for those that need  more intense relaxation or treatment of muscular conditions.  Beds require a little more space that offer some privacy. Sessions are 30 to 90 minutes and we supply the bed, linens, pillows and oil. We can easily transform an unoccupied office or meeting room into a relaxing massage space.

Chair or Table Massage?

employee at work receiving chair massage
employee at work receiving a bed massage

Chair - all clothes on

  • Focus on tension spots of upper body

  • Massage through clothes no oils

  • Requires very little space, setup anywhere

  • 5-40  minute sessions

  • Relaxation from tension and stress

  • Performed by CMP or RMT

  • CMP’s offer a less expensive option

Table - choice of clothes to remove

  • Treat all areas or body easily

  • Requires linens and oil

  • Requires more space and privacy

  • 30-90 minute sessions

  • Rehabilitate muscular conditions & relax

  • Performed RMT

  • More costly, covered by health benefits

employee at work on laptop suffering from neck pain
employee at work on laptop suffering from back pain
employees in an office relaxed, happy and celebrating their wellness massage

The Best 15 Minutes you Will Ever Spend at Work!

Servicing the GTA and Surrounding Area
Now the Guelph / Waterloo Area also

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