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Join for Free and Enjoy the Benefits

Yearly Membership:

Enjoy one massage a month for 12 months at a preferred member price.


More massages for less:

Enjoy additional massages at your preferred member price any time.


Family Benefits:

We’ll extend your preferred member price to a family member or friend

who gets a massage at the same location, before or after your appointment; 

without the monthly commitment.


Carryover unused massages:

If you do not book your monthly massage, simply save it and enjoy a second massage another month. 

*Note:  The monthly treatment fee is processed and kept on file as a credit for a second monthly treatment during any month of your 12 month membership.


Membership Rates: 

 A Massage / Month for 12 Months @ $10.00 off each visit 

climbing steps - quote: there is no one giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps.

Call for more information or to sign up for big savings now!

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